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One of ZADF’s most important services to its membership, is the provision of accessible information and education, to empower all dairy farmers in every sector from the smallest to the largest farm, no matter what experience they have, to become and then to remain successful throughout their dairying careers.

This assistance is provided in various ways across the country, including:

  • Field Days
  • Farm Visits
  • Training Courses
  • Online Resources
  • Dairy School

ZADF Dairy School

ZADF held its first Dairy School after the Annual General Meeting in Bulawayo in July 2015.  This innovation attracted a packed audience of dairy farmers across all sectors eager to learn and refresh themselves on the wide range of useful topics covered (Dairy School 2015 pictures at right and below).

Various engaging speakers took the farmers back to basics as well as sharing innovations with them, refreshing them on the keys to success, and providing the opportunity to quiz the presenters and hold useful, educational discussions. 

Morning sessions were attended by all delegates while afternoon sessions offered breakaways on a variety of useful topics from which they could select.

Dairy School was greatly welcomed by ZADF members who reported finding it extremely beneficial, regardless of their level of experience. 

This will accordingly be offered regularly, ensuring that dairy farmers have access to exciting, interactive sessions with excellent, highly qualified speakers, combined with the useful opportunity to meet their peers and share and compare information and experiences.

Below, follow the links to papers presented at Dairy School 2015.

Papers Delivered at Dairy School 2015



Importance of Genetics in Dairy Industry Profitability Mark Hayter, CC Sales DOWNLOAD
Effective Fly Control using Agita Dr Jennifer Lawrence, Elanco Animal Health DOWNLOAD
Cost Benefit Analysis for Different Production Systems Ays Kirk, Red Dane Dairy DOWNLOAD
Colostrum Management in Calves: Is it really a matter of life or death? Dr Rachel Stewart DOWNLOAD
Key Drivers to the Success of Dairy Farms in South Africa Dr Chris van Dijk,
Milk Producers’ Organisation
Feeding the calf up till weaning - Is it time for a re-think? Dai Grove-White DOWNLOAD
Legal requirements for small processors setting up T C Marecha,
Dairy Services Unit
Rearing Dairy Heifers Profitably Dr Rachel Stewart DOWNLOAD
Vaccination as a Mastitis Prevention Dr Grant van Lelyveld,
HIPRA Southern Africa
Home-Mixing Dairy Feeds - A Cost-Saving Strategy Lovemore Mutetwa,
Veterinary Distributors
Basic Dairy Hygiene and Technique – Agatha Gandizhe DOWNLOAD

New Articles and Resources

The effects of heat stress on milk production and reproduction and Strategies to overcome these challenges by correctly managing temperature and feeding.
Thomas W Graham DVM MPVM PhD - Veterinarians Without Borders

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