The Zimbabwe Association of Dairy Farmers
Promoting, Advancing and Developing the Production of Milk and Dairy Products
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What ZADF Does

ZADF’s vision is to promote and expand all sectors of the dairy industry in Zimbabwe, with a view to achieving dairy self-sufficiency within the next 5 years. 

In support of the Dairy Revitalisation Strategy, ZADF is committed to expansion of the national herd size which will result in increased production.

In 2014, the Small Scale Sector achieved a hugely increased volume of milk delivered by Milk Collection Centres to the formal market, reaching over 2 million litres with a close to 750% increase in income.

This is a direct result of the technical support offered by ZADF in the areas of:

  • Increased herds by AI synchronisation
  • Fodder Production, harvesting and storage
  • Clean milk production
  • On-farm record-keeping
  • Learning to view farming as a business

In 2014, ZADF signed a 3 year Partnership Agreement with We Effect enabling the Association to continue improving its capacity to provide services, technical training and information to Members in all sectors and in particular, upcoming small scale and new farmers.

The Farmer of the Year Award was held very successfully in Honde Valley with record attendance of 400 participants.

In addition to technical training and information provision, ZADF ensures that dialogue is made possible with government and other authorities so that both ZADF officals and Members have a chance to engage and state their case and put across thewir points of view.