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Artificial Insemination Statistics 2014 - 2015

Area AI Sync Confirmed Conception rate
Nharira 2014 27 22 89%
Sadza 13 9 69%
Nharira 43 34 79%
Tsonzo 28 23 82%
Hamaruomba 21 17 92%
Honde Valley 18 14 77%


ZADF Technical Extension Services & Training for Members

ZADF’s qualified Field Staff provide extension services and training in:

  • Nutrition, Fodder Planning and Production;
  • Herd Health;
  • Animal Husbandry;
  • Hygienic and Clean Milk Production;
  • Increasing and improving the genetic status of the National Herd through targeted Provincial Artificial Insemination Synchronisation Programmes.

ZADF Farmer Study Groups

Our Farmer Study Groups provide Business Management Services to Emergent and Large Scale Farmers.

ZADF also helps improve financial transparency at Farm and Milk Producer Association (MPA) Level, by: 

  • Running our Accounting Bureau System to assist Members with individual on-farm record-keeping systems 
  • Offering MPA Committee Training in Governance, Financial Management and Interpretation of Financial Statements.

ZADF Trains Dairy Farmers in Business

  • An Entrepreneurial Training of Trainers Workshop for ZADF Field Staff and Milk Collection Centre representatives was conducted in December 2014 in Harare by valued ZADF Partners, We Effect.
  • Following this, ZADF Field Staff trained 127 dairy farmers, comprising 86 men and 41 women from February to May 2015, at 6 Milk Collection Centres: Honde Valley, Hamaruomba, Tsonzo, Nharira, Shurugwi and Sadza.

The objective was to encourage and empower farmers through:

Learning to view and manage their dairy farming as a business; and Equipping them to run their dairy enterprises and operations at their Milk Collection Centres efficiently and cost effectively. 

The course covered:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business Planning
  • Market Research
  • Buying
  • Stock Control
  • Record Keeping
  • Costing and Costs Management

This course has provided a fuller understanding of business to dairy farmers and is rolling out to the remaining six Centres. Refresher course will be conducted annually. 

ZADF Artificial Insemination
Synchronisation Programme 2014 - 2015

Artificial Insemination (AI) was identified as a possible option for:

  • Increasing production
  • Introducing new genetic material from adaptable, desirable dairy breeds better suited for harsh environments.

AI is normally done from October to March as most cows are in good condition due to improved grazing. Failure to conceive may arise from:

  • Poor body condition
  • Poor nutrition
  • Cow not healthy
  • Heat detection
  • Incompetent technician

AI will significantly improve purity of dairy breeds and subsequently increase volumes of milk delivered to markets which is directly related to incomes realised at farmer level. All ZADF Field Staff have done the AI Refresher Course to enhance knowledge and skills.