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Milk Production

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ZADF Small Scale Farmer of the Year Awards 2014

Who Are We - and Why are we Here?

The Zimbabwe Association of Dairy Farmers (ZADF) was born in 2013.

Its Aims and Objectives are:

  • To promote, advance and develop the production of milk and dairy products in Zimbabwe;
  • To advance and protect the interests of all sections and categories of producers;
  • By so doing, to play a pivotal anchor role in the dairy industry in Zimbabwe.
ZADF lobbies government and relevant agencies on behalf of Members and provides opportunities for members to interface with them.
ZADF Member interacts with government officials

Just some of the ways in which ZADF serves its Membership are:

  • Attending Regional Meetings to maintain contact with Members, establish their needs, then endeavour to
    meet them;
  • Communicating with major milk buyers to encourage payment of a viable price for raw milk;
  • Arranging discussion groups and field days for all levels of producers;
  • Maintaining membership of relevant regional and international dairy organisations; so Members are included in the international dairy industry;
  • Maintaining contact with local agro-industries, Government Departments and other relevant stakeholders;
  • Playing a facilitating role to enhance the efficiency of milk production in Zimbabwe.
members talks to government officials in open session.
ZADF Field training

Primary Services ZADF provides to its Members:

  • Technical Extension Services;
  • Communications and Information;
  • Lobbying relevant decision makers, departments and agencies, to protect and serve the interests of Members.
ZADF farmer of the year 2014
ZADF extension and training
RIGHT: The first ZADF Dairy School was held at Churchill Arms Bulawayo in July 2015 after the AGM. Peter Edmondson is seen delivering a very interactive session. It attracted a large number of delegates from those relatively new to dairying to those who have spent a lifetime in the industry. It was voted highly informative for all, and a great success. ZADF Dairy School 2015 ZADF Dairy School 2 Peter Edmondson speaks at Dairy School

Milk Production

Milk production in Zimbabwe continues to grow and the latest figures show that total production of milk in 2015 rose by 4% to 57.5 million litres compared with 55.5 million recorded in 2014.

Production in 2016 has also started well and 5.52 million litres were produced in January, 5% higher than in December 2015 and 18% higher than in January 2015

(see Figure Below)


Tuesday, 1 March Mutare Regional Meeting
Tuesday, 1 March Chipinge Regional Meeting
Thursday, 3 March Bulawayo Regional Meeting
Friday, 4 March Gweru Regional Meeting
Wednesday, 1 June World Milk Day
Monday, 6 June  Mutare Regional AGM
Tuesday, 7 June Chipinge Regional AGM
Wednesday, 8 June  Mash A Regional AGM
Thursday, 9 June Mash B Regional AGM
Tuesday, 20 June Matland Regional AGM
Wednesday, 21 June  Gweru Regional AGM
Tuesday, 19 July ZADF National AGM
Wednesday, 20 July  ZADF Dairy School & Oscar Presentation
Wednesday, 28 September  World School Milk Day
Monday, 17 October World Food Day
Thursday, 20 October ZADF Farmer of The Year Field Day
Tuesday, 8 November  Mutare Regional Meeting
Wednesday, 9 November  Chipinge Regional Meeting
Thursday, 10 November Mash A Regional Meeting
Friday, 11 November Mash B Regional Meeting
Wednesday, 30 November Matland Regional Meeting
Thursday, 1 December Gweru Regional Meeting
Friday, 16 December ZADF Office Shut-down
ZADF - proudly looking after the interests of Zimbabwe's Dairy Farmers, from small scale rural, to large scale commercial